Spirit Canoe Drumming Circle
  Shamanic drumming circles fill a unique position within the community of people who have learned the techniques of shamanic journeying. After completing the FSS Basic Workshop, some people are interested in finding a way to practice their newly acquired skills in a group setting. More experienced journeyers are often looking for an opportunity to deepen their practice and continue to learn on a regular basis. A shamanic drumming circle creates this opportunity, by providing a place where people can come together to learn and grow in their personal practice of shamanism.

There are many important reasons to practice journeying, once you have learned the basic methods. It takes regular practice to strengthen your ability to move between the ordinary and shamanic states of consciousness, and to travel to and from the spirit world. Learning to trust your ability to "see" and know what you encounter in non-ordinary reality, and to interpret your experiences, also grows with practice. And the more you journey, the more you will strengthen your personal connections with your helping spirits, animal spirits and spirit teachers.

While it's always good for people to practice journeying on their own, there are some significant advantages to being part of a circle as well. When the circle comes together, participants benefit from the presence of everyone’s helping spirits, as well as the spirits of the circle itself. In the circle, members have opportunities to practice shamanic divination and healing techniques with each other. Over time, shamanic knowledge grows, as members of the circle share their questions and experiences. The combined power of the circle can be called upon for healing requests received from members' friends and family. And the circle can provide ongoing support between meetings, as members use the email list to share experiences and ask for help and healing.

There are many different varieties of core shamanic drumming circles. Some meet more often, some less frequently. Some circles have fees, others do not. Some meet in a centrally located, rented meeting space, others meet in the members’ homes. Some circles are open to new members at any time, while others are closed, and only consider new members at specified intervals. Some circles are not facilitated, and the members decide at each meeting, how they want to proceed. Other circles are facilitated by the members in turn, and still others are led by an experienced practitioner and teacher. If you want to participate in a shamanic drumming circle, it’s important to know what you are looking for, and find or begin a circle that best fits your needs and interests.

The Spirit Canoe Drumming Circle is facilitated by me, because that is part of the work that I am committed to doing. I am an experienced practitioner, and a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies faculty for Colorado. In addition to teaching the FSS Basic and Advanced weekend workshops, I want to offer people the opportunity to meet regularly with a circle that they feel both comfortable with and challenged by, and that gives them the opportunity to move forward in their personal practice of shamanism. There is a fee for participation in the circle, which goes towards renting the beautiful space where we meet, and which helps to support me in exchange for my work.

I am committed to taking my teaching and healing work, and my preparation for the drumming circle seriously, because I envision a world in which people grow, thrive, learn, receive healing, and find joy together in community, through deepening their personal spiritual connections. I offer the Spirit Canoe Drumming Circle in order to create a community of people who share the same vision, and who will benefit from the opportunity to work together in a supportive setting.

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