In my experience, the spiritual situation for survivors of sexual trauma is very complex, constantly changing, and requires ongoing shamanic support throughout the recovery process. Most often, just as a survivor's psychological situation reveals itself layer by layer, there are elements of their spiritual situation that can only be uncovered and healed after more surface-level issues have been dealt with. In my shamanic practice, I am committed to providing long-term support to survivors of sexual trauma who are serious about their healing process, actively receiving the support of a skilled, body-centered psychotherapist, and open to developing a personal spiritual practice to support their own recovery.

I speak from my personal experience of seeing this powerful holistic approach create healing and well-being in my life beyond anything I could have imagined. If you would like to know more about shamanism or my healing practice, or if you would like to talk about whether shamanic healing is for you, please contact me directly, using the information on the contact page of my website:

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