Welcome to Spirit Canoe!

The Spirit Canoe School of Shamanism was created to support practitioners of core shamanism1 during a time when the normal course of in-person study with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies is on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. The SCSS incorporates Spirit Canoe Shamanic Healing, the Advanced Individual Instruction program and two new programs of the Spirit Canoe school, which support beginning and advanced students, practitioners and group facilitators during this time when the in-person weekend workshops are not possible. The SCSS will continue to sponsor the online workshops of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and when the public health situation allows, we will joyfully bring back the in-person weekend workshops.

If you are looking for shamanic healing, for apprenticeship, or for a program of learning in a community of committed practitioners, I hope you will find something that's perfect for you in these pages.


  1 Core shamanism is a phrase coined by Michael Harner, Ph.D. and defined in Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality (2013, pg. 2,46) as consisting of "the universal, near-universal and common features of shamanism, together with journeys to other worlds, a distinguishing feature of shamanism."