Looking back on the first years after I graduated from the FSS Three-Year Program, I’ve seen that completion of that program is just the beginning of the journey, and for me, it has not stood alone. As I’ve continued with my teaching and client work, I’ve come to realize that during all my years of studying shamanism, I’ve also benefitted from the individual attention and support I’ve received from one remarkable teacher.


We did not have a formalized shaman-and-apprentice relationship, and yet nearly every time we saw each other, she found time to listen as I recounted the experience of a profound journey, or the story of how my spirits worked with a challenging client. I grew and gained confidence in myself, my spiritual authority and in my helping spirits as a result of her open-hearted listening and generous counsel. Knowing that it is wise not to discuss things that happen on our journeys or in our work, so that the power of that medicine is not diminished, in my teacher, I had someone I could tell things to that I would not tell anyone else, and her wisdom always moved me forward.

When I realized the centrality of the role this teacher played in my development, I knew that, my years of formal training notwithstanding, I would not be the healer or the teacher I am today without her. It is that service that I am now committed to offering to others. If this program is calling you by name, please click here to find out more.

Blessings for your journey,

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