Depossession Healing

Spirit possession illness is a topic that conjures up images
of demons and exorcists, ghosts and strange phenomena.
However, from the core shamanic point of view, it is best
to think of spirit possession illness in the context of the
destiny of human souls, as discussed above, under Death
& Dying: Healing for the Transition, and Psychopomp Healing,
with the understanding that shamans have always been healers
of the living, the dying and the dead.

When the souls of people who have died do not continue on
to the spirit world, but rather remain here in the middle
world, it can be for many different reasons, and those souls
can have many different needs, desires or agendas. Since
they are untranscended spirits, their motivations in the
middle world can be as varied as those of living people. Some
are motivated by a desire to watch over their loved ones and
descendants. Others are motivated by fear or anger, or by
unwillingness to relinquish their attachments to being alive
in a body.

These souls, often referred to as suffering beings, or unquiet
spirits, can take up residence in the body of a living
person, or they can remain with or near a living person,
so that the living person begins to suffer the adverse
effects of that spiritual influence. This condition is
what is meant by spirit possession illness.

The adverse effects can be experienced in the form of physical,
emotional or mental illness, addictions, suicidality,
malaise, nightmares, unrelenting misfortune, or numerous
other conditions. The presence of these symptoms does not
necessarily indicate spirit possession illness, but many
times it does, and the shamanic pracitioner must seek the
advice of the compassionate spirits to know whether
depossession healing is needed.

In core shamanism, depossession healing is always undertaken
with compassion for the suffering of both the unquiet
spirit or spirits, and the client. The object of
depossession healing is two-fold, that the possessing spirit
will receive the healing it needs in order to proceed to
the spirit world, and that the client will receive healing
in the form of personal and spiritual empowerment, and relief
from the symptoms that originally led them to seek shamanic
healing. Generally, it is the lack of personal empowerment
that has allowed the spirit possession illness to occur.

Personal and spiritual power are restored to the client through
a combination of healing methods, including power animal
retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction healing, and other
techniques. It is important to understand that shamanic
healing work of this kind is a process, and may require
several sessions over a period of time. It is also
important for these sessions to include education and
counsel, to assist the client in maintaining their
healing by tending to their personal empowerment and
spiritual connections, as they go forward with their lives.

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