Shamanic Divination

Divination is the art of seeking knowledge from sources
beyond the reaches of our own senses and experience.
People have historically sought help in this way for
solving problems or finding the answers to important
life questions. There are countless forms of divination
practices known throughout the world. Some are shamanic
in nature, and others trace their origins to other
spiritual traditions. The I Ching is a ancient Chinese
practice of casting and reading tortoise shells. The
Tarot belongs to a much more recent European tradition,
from the 18th century, of assigning divinatory meanings
to the images on playing cards. Astrological and Psychic
readings are also an intrinsic part of European spiritual
heritage, and are helpful to many people who seek wisdom
and guidance from beyond themselves.

Shamanic divination is characterized by the direct solicitation
of help and information by the shaman from her or his spirit
helpers and teachers. Shamans can ask for teaching for
themselves, or on behalf of others in their community.
This work is often done through journeying to the Spirit
World, asking the question, and bringing back answers in
the form of direct or metaphorical language. Shamanic
divination can also be performed in the Middle World,
through interaction with plant or animal, or other nature
spirits, or by casting and reading objects in the ways that
the shaman has been taught by the spirits.

In my work, I use all of the above forms of shamanic divination,
both for myself, and on behalf of my clients. People have
come with questions about everything from day-to-day problem
solving to deeply important or difficult life issues. Questions
can pertain to jobs, living situations, relationships, finances,
creativity, spirituality; and the answers that come from the
compassionate spirits can create a healing experience in the
life of the client.

In a typical divination session, I will journey to my spirit
teachers, and ask for information and wisdom to bring to
bear on the client’s question. Often, I will supplement
the journey work with some form of Middle-World shamanic
divination, to provide the client with as much information
as possible. I also enjoy teaching clients to explore their
own connections with the spirits of nature, in order to find
the wisdom that comes from our natural participation in the
oneness of all things.

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