Extraction Healing

Shamanic healing can be described in the most essential
way as removing what does not belong, and restoring what
does belong. As we go through our everyday lives, we can
very easily pick things up from our environment that do not
belong to us. Being in high-stress situations, navigating
crowded airports or highways jammed with traffic, sitting
with a freind in a hospital emergency room; it is easy to
see how these scenarios can affect us emotionally,
physically and spiritually.

In indigenous cultures, it has long been known that
elements from situations like this can become
lodged in our bodies, as a form of spiritual illness
called intrusions. Intrusions can come from a variety
of external sources, and can even result internally from
our own unexpressed or unresolved emotions. In shamanism,
we understand that once intrusions have entered the body,
they can cause a range of symptoms from localized pain
to unexplained loss of energy and vitality, to more
serious manifestations of physical illness.

Working in partnership with powerful and compassionate
helping spirits, shamans have the ability to see and
remove spiritual intrusions. This technique is called
extractionhealing, and can be an important part of any
shamanic healing session.

There is also a fundamental understanding in shamanism
that we are more susceptible to intrusions or other
spiritual illnesses, the more we are lacking in our own
personal power. For that reason, some form of restoring
what does belong, namely our connections to our sources
personal empowerment, is a necessary part of shamanic
healing. Once the extraction healing is complete, it is
nearly always followed by power animal retrieval, soul
retrieval, or some other form of restoration of power.

Personal power can ebb and flow as part of the
everyday realities of life in the middle world.
Staying connected to our sources of power, such
as animal spirits, guardian spirits, and spirits
of nature is a crucial part of maintaining our own
wellbeing on every level. And as long as we are here,
living on the earth in bodies, it will be important
to seek shamanic healing, to remove what does not
belong, and to restore to us what does.

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