Power Animal Retrieval

Power Animals are animal spirits, who play a very special
protective, healing and empowering role in an individual’s
life. In many cultures, it is understood that these spirits
were once alive on the earth in animal form, and now they
desire to associate themselves with human beings as helpers
and guardians. When a child is born, a Power Animal spirit
volunteers to accompany him or her through childhood, into
adulthood, and throughout life, to provide guidance,
protection, teaching, and other gifts that promote health
and well-being.

In shamanic cultures, as children grow to adulthood, they learn
to understand the importance of being connected with their
protecting spirits, and they learn many ways in which these
connections can be nurtured and maintained. Without this
conscious attention, it can sometimes happen that the
connection with one’s Power Animal Spirit can be lost,
resulting in a loss of personal power for the individual.
In that event, the shamans could be called upon to perform
a Power Animal retrieval, in which he or she would journey
to the Spirit World, and bring back the person’s Power Animal,
and restore the lost spiritual connection.

In Western culture, we are not taught about the Power Animal
Spirits, or about the importance of maintaining our
connections with them. As a result, the connections become
lost, and many people go through life with diminished
personal power. From a shamanic point of view, this can
result in a person being more susceptible to illness,
accidents, bad luck or other misfortunes. For this reason,
when a client first comes to my practice for shamanic
healing, often the first thing that must be explored is
whether a Power Animal retrieval is needed.

During a Power Animal retrieval journey, I will ask to meet a
Power Animal Spirit, who is willing to return with me and
impart its power and protection to my client. Often, there
will be a spirit who can help the client with a specific
issue or circumstance they have been struggling with.
Perhaps they are about to have surgery, or are involved in a
difficult relationship. Power Animal Spirits can bring with
them special gifts that will assist the client in dealing
with these issues in a wholesome and empowered way.

Many times, however, the Animal Spirit who comes is that very
special spirit, who has been with the client since birth,
and with whom the client’s spiritual connection has been
lost. When that connection is restored, it is a powerful
healing, and an important day in the client’s life. Before
the session is over, we spend time talking about different
ways in which the client can honor their Power Animal, and
build the connection that will play a significant role in
their well-being for the rest of their lives.

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