Psychopomp Healing

It is said that shamans are healers of the living, the dying
and the dead. The word ‘psychopomp’ means to lead souls,
and refers to the shamanic pratitioner’s work of helping the
souls of people who have died to complete their journey
to the spirit world.

Many times, if a person’s death has been sudden, the result of
an accident or some type of violence, or even suicide, the
person’s soul may remain here in the middle world, and they
may be in need of assistance and healing. They may be angry,
lost or confused, and may be unaware that they are dead.

This is ancient shamanic wisdom, and is well understood in
indigenous cultures around the world. It is less well
understood in our culture, where fear and ignorance about
the nature of death, and religious dogmas about judgement
and punishment, can leave people unprepared for the
transition out of their body at the end of their lives.

When people die under these circumstances, it is not uncommon
for them to require assistance to relinquish their attachments
to the middle world, and transcend to the spirit world, which
is their ultimate healing. Through the shamanic journey, a
shamanic practitioner can find souls who are suffering in
this way, and with their permission, can assist them in
crossing to the spirit world.

Whenever a friend or loved one dies, it can be a great service
to them to ask for the help of a shamanic practitioner, who
is skilled in the work of bringing psychopomp healing to
those who have died. The transition to the spirit world
is a great event in the destiny of that individual, and
for the world.

When a person has come to the end of their life, compassionate
support for their passing can be the greatest healing for
them and their loved ones. Please contact me any time if
you would like to talk further about shamanic healing for
someone who is dying, or who has recently died.

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