Soul Retrieval

In the shamanic world view, the human response to trauma is
understood in terms of soul loss. A part of a person’s soul
will flee the body as a result of shock, loss, abuse, an
accident or other type of trauma, and often will not find
its way back to the body when the danger has passsed. This
loss of soul equates to a tremendous loss of personal power,
and conscequently can open the door to many forms of
spiritual illness. In psychology, this phenomenon is understood
in terms of dissociation, and it is a brilliant survival
mechanism for the human psyche. In shamanism, we understand
that the restoration of the lost part of the soul is essential
to the spiritual healing of the individual. The shaman has
the ability to journey to spirit world, seek and find the
missing soul part, and restore it to the body of the client.
This is a powerful form of spiritual healing that has been
performed in shamanic cultures for thousands of years, and
is an increasingly important part of shamanic healing in the

The causes and symptoms of soul loss are not always clearly
deliniated, and they can differ from one person to another.
For example, addictions can cause soul loss because of trauma
to the body, and addictions can result from soul loss because
of an individual’s diminished personal power. A person who
is lacking in personal power can be susceptible to accidents
or injury, which in turn can bring about further soul loss.
In all cases, the shaman must rely on the wisdom of the
helping spirits for diagnosing soul loss, and determining
when soul retrieval is required.

Soul retrieval is an imortant part of my healing work with clients,
and I have found that clients can have many different
responses to soul retrieval. When a person has been missing
a significant part of their soul or essence for a period of
time, that person has generally learned to compensate for
that loss in a variety of ways. When the missing soul part
is restored, there will be a shift of some kind in the
person’s way of being in the world. For this reason, I
always consult with my helping spirits to determine not
only whether soul retrieval is needed, but whether it is
it is the right timing for that healing to be done. I also
encourage people to come for soul retrieval healing at a
time when they can spend several hours or even a few days
afterwards taking care of themselves and integrating the
healing. And, I advise a follow-up session within a few
weeks, to see if there is more healing work to be done.

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