Space Clearing

We have all heard stories of haunted houses, mansions,
and vintage hotels, and some of us have been to
places that feel unwholesome or frightening. These
are dramatic examples of what actually is a more
common experience than we might think. The souls of
humans who have passed can remain here in the middle
world for a wide variety of reasons. In the section
about depossession healing, I talked about what can
happen when these spirits become attached to living
humans. It is also not uncommon for the soul of someone
who has passed, and who is not willing or not able to
leave the middle world, to take up residence in a place
or in a building. Usually it is a place that was familiar
to them during life, or a place that feels good or safe
to them, or it may be the place where they died. There
are some buildings and geographical places where much
death has occurred, and there may be many souls who are
still there, and have been there for many years.

The presence of these spirits can have negative effects
on the people who live in or visit those places. People
can feel uneasy or uncomfortable or even physically ill.
They can have nightmares, or they can simply sense that
there are other beings present. In cases when those
spirits are trying to get help, they may attract attention
in a number or frightening or disconcerting ways. When
this happens, it is wise to seek help from a shamanic
healer, who can help the souls of deceased humans to
leave the middle world, and go to the places in the spirit
world where they can be happy and at peace.

Space clearing is not a core shamanic term. It more
properly belongs to other spiritual practices that
deal with energy. Energy space clearing is important
work, and can do much to remove negative energy and
restore a positive, wholesome feeling to a home or a
place. But to the extent that the negative feel of a
place is caused by the presence of untranscended spirits,
the work of a shaman is needed, to help those spirits in a
compassionate and healing way, to leave the place and go
to the spirit world. This is essentially classic psychopomp
work, but I use the term "space clearing" to refer to
situations in which souls of deceased humans are attached
to buildings or places, and require help to leave the
middle world.

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