Mission & Vision


The vision for the Spirit Canoe School of Shamanism was born in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, in the summer of 2020. As inter-state and international travel to attend the outstanding weekend and residential programs of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies became inadvisable, if not impossible, I began to realize that the way for me to fulfill my calling as a practitioner and teacher of shamanism was to shift my focus to what I could accomplish in my own community, in Boulder, Colorado. As administrative and co-program director of the Boulder Center for Conscious Community (BC3), I realized I was part of an organization that could support the coming-into-being of a robust and substantial, locally oriented program of shamanic studies.

As I began to sketch out what such a program might look like, I realized that it was a seed that had been gestating just beyond the reach of my awareness for a long time. I made the choice to follow the vision to its fulfillment, and realized that it was a vision whose time had come, and would have come, even if there had been no pandemic to turn my attention inward.

The Spirit Canoe School of Shamanism exists to provide long-term, substantial programs of shamanic study, both for personal enrichment and empowerment, and for serious training in core shamanic healing methods, in a context of community and committed individual mentoring.

Love and blessings,