School of Shamanism Initial Program

The School of Shamanism Initial Program was created so that people who are interested in either Shamanism for Personal Empowerment or the Shamanic Apprentice Program can begin their study while the Spirit Canoe School is still being formed. As the Foundation for Shamanic Studies moves forward with online curriculum development, the course content of the Initial Program may change. The program is designed to be responsive both to the desires and interests of the participants, and to the continuing availability of new FSS online workshops.

Prerequisites to enter the Initial Program are the FSS workshops The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge and Power and Shamanic Divination in Practice, or the original, in-person workshops, The Way of the Shaman® and Shamanic Divination Training. The first third of the year focuses on developing journeying and divination skills, meeting animal spirits, guardians and spirit teachers, and exploring the non-ordinary realms of the upper and lower worlds. This focus allows participants to deepen their experience beyond what is possible in the introductory workshops, and helps prepare them to be more effective in their practice of shamanism. The program continues with introductions to the primary core shamanic healing methods, and concludes with explorations of two major areas of shamanism and everyday life.


Course Outline: Two-Day Intensives


SCSS Initial Program

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Course Outline: Bi-Weekly Groups


There are two types of bi-weekly groups in the Shamanism for Personal Empowerment program. Structured similarly to core shamanic drumming circles, the groups provide a community context for the practices and experiences of the program.

Journey Groups and Practice Groups provide opportunities for participants to deepen their experience and connections with their helping spirits, and to increase their knowledge and understanding of shamanism as a way of life. Groups are led by advanced students, who have completed the Spirit Canoe School of Shamanism's facilitator training course.

Journey Groups

In the first four months of the year, Journey Groups provide an opportunity for students to practice their journey skills and explore their non-ordinary reality teritories. With the direction of the group facilitator, students can practice long-distance healing, do journeys to benefit others in the group, or journey to gain shamanic knowledge about subjects of general interest to the group.

Practice Groups

Practice Groups begin in the fifth month and continue throughout the program. These groups provide an opportunity to practice specific shamanic techniques and healing methods learned in the two-day courses, whch members of the group have completed.