Tuition for each year of the School of Shamanism’s programs is as follows:

  First Year: Shamanism for Personal Practice $4,740
  Second Year: Shamanism for Personal Empowerment $4,740
  First Year: Shamanic Healing Training $4,740
  Second Year: Shamanic Healing Internship $3,600
  Third Year: Advanced Shamanic Training $3,600


Financing Options


Payment plans are available and can be agreed to between students and the School of Shamanism during the application process.

Payment Plans Bi-Annual Quarterly Monthly Total/Year
Shamanism for Personal Empowerment  
First & Second Years $2,370 $1,185 $395 $4,740
Shamanic Apprentice Program  
First Year $2,370 $1,185 $395 $4,740
Second & Third Years $1,800 $900 $300 $3,600